Main Course Personal Chef Service lets you live your busy life knowing that delicious, nutritious meals await you back home.

Here’s how we do it:

We meet to talk. We’ll set up a meeting at your convenience so you can tell Main Course all about your culinary preferences. We’ll also talk about the logistics of the cook date, including how and when Main Course will deliver your meals to your home. This takes less than an hour.

We present the plan. Based on your meal plan and food preferences, Main Course will create a menu for you to review. Once you approve…

We shop and cook. Main Course visits grocery stores, gourmet shops, and farmer’s markets to select the finest ingredients for your meals. We prepare all your meals in a licensed commercial kitchen.

We deliver, and you enjoy your meals. Dinner is served!

Main Course also offers private parties, cooking classes, and custom coolers for enjoying the area’s many outdoor events.

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